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General sales terms and conditions:

The domain belongs to the legitimate proprietor, SPAGNOLI SNC, images, texts, and
anything else related to belong to the legitimate proprietor SPAGNOLI SNC
All prices quoted for the articles exposed on SPAGNOLI shop online are
V.A.T. excluded. The Italian V.A.T. rate shall be applied (currently fixed at 22%)
in accordance to the typology of the sale (national, community).


All personal information gathered through registration and sales procedures, shall
be treated in accordance to Italian Law n. 196/03 for the right to the privacy.
Such information will NEVER be used for different purposes, or ceased to
third parties, for whatsoever commercial, legal, financial or other activities.
The only exception shall be the obligations foreseen by law for administrative
and accounting purposes.
The information shall however be forwarded to the shipping company for
delivery purposes of the orders placed and/or for information or communications
relative to the orders commissioned.
The company responsible for the treatment of personal information is
Via Sacca, 2/A

User registration

The registration of the user is necessary for the execution of the order.
Upon registration, your personal data will be memorized and each time the
LOGIN will be processed, the system will recognize and remember
your information (only names and addresses), without having to input
these details every time access is required.
The client who registers as a user, will have to supply personal information
(name, last name, address, eventual ship to address, e-mail)
In case the user forgets the password, it may be easily requested and the
lost password will be sent to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form

The cart

The cart allows to immediately verify the products selected, with the taxable
unit cost, the enhanced V.A.T. cost, the carriage costs, and the total of the purchase.
It is possible to decide the quantity to purchase for each type of product, or to eliminate
from the cart one or more products that may no longer be needed.
A series of keys allow to:

Update the cart after having cancelled or changed the quantities.
Empty out completely the cart from all products enclosed.

Once the desired products have been put into the cart, it is possible to execute
the effective purchase and to choose the type of payment.
Before the transaction is completed, a few data will be required for the necessary
identification of the client. It will also be possible to input information of a different
consignee for the delivery.
The registered user will be able to immediately access the site and order, by
clicking only once on the LOGIN key

Conditions of payment

Payment Bank transfer or
Payment is required through credit cards, you will automatically
be transferred to the PAYPAL server, and the last action for the online purchase
will be carried out by filling an additional form. It will be necessary to fill in
the name, the credit card number, and the information relative to the expiration date
(may we remind you that you will be connected to the PAYPAL server,
and therefore, we will not be able to see this information. The data will be
handled directly to guarantee maximum security during the transaction).
Once the payment procedures are completed, an order confirmation will generate
and will be sent via electronic mail, assigning a specific client's order number
which shall be used for any further information with SPAGNOLI shop online
(obviously in relation with the specific order).

Credit card security

To guarantee maximum security for payments, SPAGNOLI shop online
will send you automatically to a safe page (SSL) of the PAYPAL Internet Site.
In this page, you may input your credit card information
(owner, number, and expiration date) in a totally secure manner.
The information is stored directly in the PAYPAL server, offering
maximum guarantee and security.No one, not even
SPAGNOLI shop online, will be acknowledged about the codes
of the credit cards used by the clients.
The code is being used exclusively for payment transactions; if the payment is
valid, the confirmation is immediate and SPAGNOLI shop online will receive from
PAYPAL only the receipt with a confirmation number indicating the authorization.
There will be no trace of the credit card code number in any file.

Shipping cost

All our shipments are "Delivered Duty Unpaid" (DDU), at customer's
address, excluding taxes, local custom taxes and duties, local VAT as
commercially in use in the European Community. Therefore, our deliveries
include the cost of the goods, eventual export taxes, shipment expenses a
nd eventual transit expenses. Added costs such as customs duties, local
import taxes, local Vat and/or other accessories are charged to
the adressee as Italian companies cannot correspond foreign taxes.

Carriage charges

In your cart, you will be able to visualize the total weight that
shall determine the carriage charges which will be calculated in
the final phase of the order

Order acceptance/contract conclusion

The purchase of your order will be concluded through the following phases:

1.By sending the order, the client transmits the purchase to SPAGNOLI shop online
for the product or products selected. Sending the purchase involves the consent
(as per Italian Decree of art. 10 n. 185/1999) to receive successive information from
SPAGNOLI shop online hereinafter mentioned, which are finalized
exclusively to the conclusion and the execution of the sales contract.
2.SPAGNOLI shop online confirms with an e-mail message the reception of
the order sent by the client, by assigning a ''Client Order Confirmation Number'', which
shall be referred to for any further information with SPAGNOLI shop online.
3.The execution of the order shall be fulfilled in accordance to the sales
conditions established by art. 4 of the Italian Decree n. 185/1999.
4.SPAGNOLI shop online will then provide to consign the requested merchandise
to the courier selected and encharged of the delivery at the address indicated
on the order form.
The payment by the client shall take place through the option chosen on-line i
n the order form.

Terms of delivery of the merchandise

The usual delivery terms, for the EU nation, foresee consignment in 2-4 working
days from date of shipment (week-ends and holidays excluded).
Either way, the delivery periods indicated as terms of delivery cannot be
considered committed with SPAGNOLI shop online.
All our shipments are "delivered duty unpaid" (DDU), at customer's
address, excluding taxes, local custom taxes and duties, local VAT as
commercially in use in the European Community.
Therefore, our deliveries include the cost of the goods, eventual
export taxes, shipment expenses and eventual transit expenses.
Added costs such as customs duties, local import taxes, local Vat
and/or other accessories are charged to the adressee as Italian companies
cannot correspond foreign taxes.

- The number of the boxes delivered corresponds to what has been
indicated on the consignment note.
- The boxes are completely closed and entire, not wet, tampered with, or else

Eventual damages or the lack of corresponding boxes with the delivery
documents or indications, must be immediately contested to the courier
who provided to the consignment

If necessary, send email, an operator who shall provide to assist you
with all necessary instructions.

Right to recede

In accordance to art. 3 and 64 of the Italian Decree 206/05, if the client
is a consumer (a private entity who is buying the merchandise for purposes
other than its own professional activity, that is, who is buying without the
indication of a V.A.T. number on the SPAGNOLI shop online order form), he
or she has the right to recede from the sales contract for any reason, without
the necessity to give explanations and without penalties. To exercise such
right, the client will have to send to SPAGNOLI shop online a written notice
in this sense, within and no later than 10 working days from the date of
reception of the merchandise. The written notice must be sent through
registered mail with return receipt to :

Via Pertini, 2 - Z.I.

or through telegram or fax, always within the aforementioned term of
10 days, and followed within and no later than 48 hours by a written
confirmation sent by registered mail with return receipt.
Once the above mentioned communication to recede has been received
by us, the SPAGNOLI shop online customer service will promptly provide
to inform the client all instructions and procedures relative to the return of
the merchandise. As an only cost, the client will have to sustain the return
transportation charges of the goods to SPAGNOLI shop online. The
merchandise will have to be returned undamaged and entire, in its original
packaging, and complete in all its parts. Upon arrival into our warehouse, the
merchandise shall be throughly checked and, if damages are present or the
goods have been tampered with, the right to recede cannot be exercised.
With the exception of eventual repairing costs for asserted damages to the
merchandise, SPAGNOLI shop online will provide to reimburse to the client
the full amount exclusively for the paid merchandise
(excluded therefore shipping charges) within and no later than 15 days
from the date of reception of the returned goods. It shall be the client's
obligation to promptly supply to SPAGNOLI shop online the bank's
coordinates (in Italy ABI - CAB and account number; in Europe Swift Bank
Code and account number) in order to obtain the reimbursement of the amount.


All products sold by SPAGNOLI shop online are accompanied by
the official warranty of the producer (SPAGNOLI SNC) To exercise
the warranty, the client shall keep in records the invoice or the delivery
note that is consigned with the products purchased


All eventual claims shall be addressed to SPAGNOLI shop online:
Via Sacca, 2/A

Competent court

The sales contract between the client and SPAGNOLI shop online
is intended as stipulated and concluded in Italy, regulated by the
Italian Law, and competent court is the Court of Mantova.